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Selected Press for Spirits

  • “Art so beautiful it could have been lifted from a Miyazaki movie.”
    Kyle VanHemert, wired.com Read more
  • “Spirits for the iPad is an innovative puzzle game with stunning visuals and lovely ambient music that results in a relaxed, calming gameplay experience unlike anything else you’ve seen in the App Store.”
    Juli Clover, padgadget.com Read more
  • “Princess Mononoke meets Lemmings.”
    Anthony Carboni, bytejacker.com Read more
  • “Spirits for iPad immediately enraptured us with its impressive minimalist aesthetic.”
    Andrew Hayward, gamesradar.com Read more
  • “Highly addictive.”
    David Prager, revision3.com/appjudgment Read more
  • “An inspiring title that through artistic flair, innovative wind physics and particle effects creates an intricate world that is a pleasure to visit every time.”
    Ben Briggs, 148apps.com Read more
  • “Gorgeous visuals, ambient music and solid level design.”
    Chris Reed, slidetoplay.com Read more
  • “Although its easy to see the similarities between Spirits and Lemmings, the guys and girls at Spaces of Play have really re-imagined the game. And they’ve gone a long way to add some unique concepts of their own, and re-create this game in a way that works superbly on the iPad.”
    Stephen Northcott, touchreviews.net Read more
  • “There are a number of titles out there that really ooze that special "indie magic," and Spirits for iPad is one of them.”
    Blake Patterson, toucharcade.com Read more
  • “The game’s intensely warm, orange-heavy environments and hundreds of glittery leaf-like particles that float along with the wind make Spirits feel like a walk through a forest on a late October evening.”
    Ryan Rigney, gamepro.com Read more
  • “Die Welt von "Spirits" ist wunderschön: Warme Farben, glitzernder Staub, den der Wind durch die Höhlen pustet, mit viel Detailliebe animierte Figuren, verzaubernde Musik - das Spiel schafft eine eigene entrückte Stimmung.”
    Konrad Lischka, spiegel.de Read more
  • “Spirits is an outstanding blend of puzzle and strategy.”
    Arsen Nazaryan, diygamer.com Read more
  • “There is so much attention to detail in this game that once you have finished it you will want to play it all over again.”
    Filip Visnjic, creativeapplications.net Read more
  • “Where Spirits really innovates is in its look and feel. When the wind physics start to do their thing, the experience is pretty magical.”
    Mike Schramm, tuaw.com Read more

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